Updated Friday June 5, 2015 by Sienna Plantation Softball Association.

If I do not live in Sienna can I play in the league?

Yes! SPSA is open to both residents and nonresidents of Sienna Plantation. Fees are the same for both.


Where and when will practices be held?

Practices take place on the three softball fields in the Camp Sienna Athletic Complex located at 7725 Camp Sienna Trail in Sienna Plantation. These are fields 6, 7 and 8 closest to the gravel parking lot. The day and time of your practice will be selected by your team’s Coach.


Which age division should my daughter play in?

For this upcoming Fall, your daughters age as of December 31, 2015 will determine her division.

Age divisions for the Spring season are determined by the players age as of December 31st of the prior year. For example, for the Spring 2016 season, you would use your daughter’s age of as December 31, 2015 to determine her age division. For the Fall seasons, players should play in the division where they will be playing in the coming Spring. For example, if your daughter played 10U in the Spring of 2015, she would have also played 10U in the previous Fall of 2014 season.

Age Divisions include:

6U (if your daughter will be 5 or 6 as of December 31, she may play 6U in the Fall and Spring)

8U (if your daughter is 7 or 8 as of the previous December 31st, she should play 8U in the Spring)

10U (if your daughter is 9 or 10 as of the previous December 31st, she should play 10U in the Spring)

12U (if your daughter is 11 or 12 as of the previous December 31st, she should play 12U in the Spring)

14-18U Open (if your daughter is 13 -18 as of the previous December 31st, she should play in the 14-18U Open Division in the Spring)


Can my daughter “Play Up”?

You may request that your daughter play up to the next older age division if you believe her skill level is more appropriate for the next age division. You can make this request at the time of registration under the special comments section. However, the final decision on this will be based on player evaluations that take place usually the weekend after registration closes. If you want your daughter to play up she must attend the evaluation.  The commissioner, coaches and other board members will determine if she is qualified to play up.


What is Blastball?

Blastball is softballs version of t-ball. It is designed for girls and boys ages 3-4 . The equipment is soft and very basic. Kids can be introduced to a team environment and begin learning fundamentals of softball, i.e. throwing, hitting, running to the base etc. Kids will have one practice and one game a week. These run approx. 30-40 minutes.


What is the difference between Fall and Spring season?

Spring is our official season. It includes more details like trophies, fundraising activities, clinics, all stars teams, more games, a more complete uniform package, pictures, and opening/closing day festivities. Fall is a developmental season. That is, we focus primarily on teaching the fundamentals. This allows girls to brush up on and learn new skills to prepare for the upcoming Spring. Fall is also a great time to try the sport out and see if your child likes it.


What are Evaluations?

Evaluations will be held upon the close of registration. This event will allow coaches to examine the skill set of each girl. This allows the league to form more balanced teams based on a draft process. Attending evaluations is critical but if your child does not attend evaluations they will still be placed on a team.


Can my daughter play on the same team as her friends?

We will do our best to accommodate friend, coach and/or carpool requests. These can be made at the time of registration under the comments section. However, these are requests and there is no guarantee.


Will my child receive a uniform?

In Fall season, players will receive a team jersey and socks (6U-12U). In the Spring season, players will receive a jersey, shorts (6U) or pants (8U-12U) and socks. Blastball will receive team shirts. Uniforms are ordered based upon the size you request at the time of registration and can be verified at player evaluations. We cannot guarantee the jersey or pants will fit her perfectly. 

Once jerseys and pants are issued there are no re-orders or exchanges.


What equipment do I need to purchase?

Please see the equipment tab on the website homepage.


When will I find out who her coach will be?

After registration closes, teams will be formed via evaluations and draft. Once teams are formed, your coach will be given your contact information and you will be contacted. Practices usually will begin about 2 weeks after the close of registration.


How often will the team practice?

While the coach will have input on the frequency of practices, your daughter will have at least one practice per week at the Camp Sienna fields. Your coach may request an additional day of practice, but this would typically only occur in the 10U and older age divisions. You may also have practice time in the batting cages if your coach requests such time.


What if my child can’t practice on her team’s practice day?

If there is a day that you know your daughter has a conflict, you should indicate that in the special comments section when you register. Practice days and times are chosen by the team’s coaches. While we make every effort to accommodate schedule requests, we cannot guarantee these.


What if my daughter can’t attend a practice or game?

As a courtesy, you should email your coach and team parent to let them know when your daughter will be unable to attend a game or practice. Knowing in advance will help your team plan batting line-ups, player position rotations and team snacks accordingly.


Where are the games and how are they played?

The majority of SPSA games will be played at the fields in the Camp Sienna complex on Saturdays. However, we do attempt to co-op with other leagues in the Houston area occasionally and you may be scheduled to play games at other fields during the season. Additionally, scheduling constraints may periodically require some weekday games.

The games run for set time periods and at the end of the time the teams will finish the inning. Coaches are required to allow every player to play in the infield during the season. Additionally, coaches are required to “bat the line-up”, meaning that every girl on the team will be in the batting order in every game.

The rules for each age division are available on our website.


Will we have umpires?

There are no umpires in the 6U games. The coaches will be responsible for fairly calling their own games at that age level.  At all other age divisions, there will be official umpires. For 8U, there will be one umpire and for 10U and up there will be two umpires. The umpires are paid for their time and we ask that you treat them with respect even when you disagree with a call they have made. If you have a concern about an umpire, please notify a Board Member.


What if it rains?

In the event of rain, the league may close the fields to practices and games if the fields are too wet and muddy. Even if the rain has stopped, if the fields have not had adequate time to drain, the fields may still be closed to preserve the condition of the turf and the infield dirt. Games will be rescheduled in the event of rain. It may be necessary to play these rain-out make-up games on weeknights. Rained out games are only rescheduled once. Practices will be rescheduled if the scheduled field use permits.

The rain-out hotline is 281-670-9381.


What are skills clinics?

The league will offer skills clinics during the year for all age divisions. Skills clinics that occur outside of the Fall or Spring season are open to any girls who are interested in learning about softball and may or may not require registration fees. Skills clinics during the Fall and Spring seasons are open to any registered players. Skills clinics are an opportunity for your girls to learn from the league’s coaches and some private coaches in our area. It is always the goal of SPSA to make sure the clinics are a fun learning environment for the girls.


Why does the league require fundraising?

Outside of the obvious expenses like uniforms and umpires, SPSA is also financially responsible for things like the cost of insurance, field time, lights, equipment, equipment maintenance, field maintenance and improvements, and any improvements to the facility. None of this is possible without your help. Some of our goals include score boards, bullpens, and a shade canopy over the arcade.


Do I have to work the concession stand?

During both the Fall and Spring season, board members will put together a schedule for the concession stand and will assign time slots to each team. Teams MUST provide 2-3 volunteers to staff their assigned shift in the concession stand. Typically we are talking about a time commitment of about 2 hours. Please consider being one of the volunteers for your team and remember that your Coach and Team Mom have already donated many hours of their time. Working the concession stand is your opportunity to give back to the league and assist with one of our most important fundraisers.


What if I Have Complaints or Concerns?

You are encouraged to contact the Player Agent with any concerns you may have about SPSA. The Player Agent’s contact information can be found on our website under the Board Members and Info tab on the website homepage.


Can I get a refund?

A refund of regular recreation season registration fees will be granted automatically if the league is unable to form a complete team in her age division. Any other player requesting a refund of Recreational Registration Fees will be subject to certain limitations: Please see specific refund policy and dates posted on the website for this season. A request for a refund after the start of team practices will be denied.


A player requesting a refund of All Star registration fees will be subject to the following limitations: 1. If the player's All Star Manager has not yet distributed her All Star equipment and uniform AND the Manager is able to back fill the position on the All Star team, a full refund may be granted so long as all distributed equipment and uniforms are returned in new condition to the league. If the player back filling the position on the All Star team is unable to wear the previous player's uniform, the league will withhold the cost of the uniform from the requesting player's refund. In this circumstance, the player withdrawing from All Stars would keep her uniform and a new uniform would be ordered for the new player. 2. If the player's request for a refund comes after the distribution of her All Star equipment and the Manager is NOT able to back fill the position on the All Star team, the league will issue a refund, but will withhold the dollar value of all distributed equipment and uniform. In this circumstance, the player withdrawing from All Stars would keep her uniform. A committee consisting of the League President, Vice President, Player Agent, and Commissioner will vote to determine what, if any, refund is due to a registered player's parents in the event of select unforeseeable events (e.g., play limiting injury/illness or relocation of family) that occurs prior to the start of the season. For this committee, the President of the league will vote only in the case of a tie, but will participate in discussion regarding the appropriate refund for the player.


Do I need a background check to volunteer ?

Per our user agreement with SPLID, any adult who volunteers for the league on or off the field is required to submit a background check request form. It is conducted for the safety of our kids. See website for volunteer background check form.


Does SPSA have access to the batting cages?

SPSA is the primary user of Lane 5 at the batting cages, per our user agreement with Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District. Any use of Lane 5 will be scheduled through the league’s Scheduler. Your coach can request practice time in the batting cage.


What is “All Stars”?

Each Spring an All Star team is formed in each age division. This team will continue to play in tournaments past the end of the regular recreational season. They can compete at the ASA district and state levels. There is a process for player selection for All Stars that is led by the commissioner. Players are selected based primarily on ability, attitude and commitment. The All Star season typically ends by June 30th. There are additional fees associated with participating in the All Star program. More details are made available as the selection period approaches.